Size 4XL

On BigTees we measure all t-shirts and fit them to our size chart. All of the t-shirt designs in this Australian size 4XL section measure at least 130cm around the chest (65cm from underarm to underarm), the equivalent ladies size is 22-24. Note: the label on the shirt may vary, however we measure each individual t-shirt so the sizing is more accurate.
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Farm Animal Friends Design - Fire Skull Design - Fuck Work Design - Game Over Design - Genuine Ford Parts Small Logo Design - Global Flat Earth Society Design - Godzilla No Flying Design - Great White Shark Design - Grumpy Old Bastard Design - Grumpy Old Man Design - Gympie BDSM Warehouse Design - Hawg Rider Design - Huntsman Spider Design - I Don't Need Sex Design - I Fear No Beer Design - I Have The Body of a God Buddha Design - I Ran Out of Sick Days Skull Design - I'm Retired Design - Insecurity Design - It's Beer o'Clock Design - Jaguar Jungle Design - Kangaroo Sunset Design - Lemur Selfie Design - Lest We Forget Logo Design - Little Fuck You Sign Guy Design - Live to Ride Design - Manly Wharf Ferry Design - Meh Design - Native American Indian Animals Design - Ned Kelly Dead or Alive Design - Ned Kelly Descendant in Spirit Design - Ned Kelly Iron Outlaw Design - Ned Kelly Outlaw Gang Design - Ned Kelly Outlaw Legend Design - Ned Kelly Portrait in Silver Design - Ned Kelly Portrait in White Design - No Coffee No Workee Sloth Design - North American Animal Totem Design - Ocean Breeze Cat Design - Of Course I Don't Look Busy Design - Old Skool Gearhead Motorcycle Design - Only Here for the Beer Design - Outback Country Australia Design - Outlaw Skull Design - Pentacle Logo Design - People Suck Design - Pew Pew Raygun Design - Pimpimbudgee Pet Shop Design - Proudly Australian Born & Bred Design - Rasta Cat Design - Relax Your Rod Fishing Logo Design - Revolution Skulls Design - Road Trip Australia Design - Roo Park Australia Design - Route 66 Racing Design - Rude Buy a Vowel Logo Design - Security Logo Design - Self Isolation Concert Poster Design - Shannon's Lizard Design - Shit Happens Design - Shut Up & Fish Design - Shut Up & Ride Comin At Ya Design - Silver Fern Design - Skeleton Flip Off Logo Design - Skull & Crossed Spanners Design - Skull & Crossed Swords Design - Small Pentacle Design - Social Distancing Guidelines Design - Sons of Aotearoa Design - Southern Cross Design - Space Dragons Design - Spaced Out Skull Design - Speed Shop V8 Logo Design - Spent a Lot of Time Behind Bars Design - STFU Design - Straya Design - Such is Life Double Sided Design - Surely Not Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting Design - Surf Paradise Design - The Kelly Gang Olde Text Design - There's No Place Like Home Witch Design - Thirst Aid Beer Design - Vintage Ford Motors Shield Design - Vintage Iron Hot Rod Design - Whatever Design - Who Let The Hawgs Out Design - Winged Skull Axe Design - Without Trucks Australia Stops Design - Yellow Mustang Horse Power Discontinued Products and Sale Items Dog T-Shirts Dragon T-Shirts Event Polo Shirts Fake Australian Tourist T-Shirts Father's Day Fishing T-Shirts Ford T-Shirts Funny Aussie Town Name T-Shirts Funny Designs Gamer T-Shirts Geek T-Shirts Halloween T-Shirts Heavy Metal Designs Hippie T-Shirts Hooded Sweatshirts Hoody Hot Rod T-Shirts Jumper Jumpers Light Fantasy Designs Longsleeve T-Shirts Maori Pride Designs Matching Family T-Shirts Mens Hoodies Mens Singlets Miscellaneous Designs Mothers Day Music T-Shirts Native American Designs Ned Kelly Hoodies Ned Kelly Singlets Ned Kelly T-Shirts Pandemic T-Shirts Pinup Girl T-Shirts Plain Blank T-Shirts Planes Trains and Automobiles Polo Shirt Sale Pot Smoking T-Shirts Rock Music Designs Scary Clown T-Shirts Sci-Fi T-Shirts Shortsleeve T-Shirts Size 10XL Size 11XL Size 12XL Size 13XL Size 14XL Size 15XL Size 2XL Size 3XL Size 4XL Size 5XL Size 6XL Size 7XL Size 8XL Size 9XL Size Large Size Medium Size Small Size XL Skull T-Shirts Surf T-Shirts T-Shirts with Small Logos Truck Driver Designs Xmas T-Shirts Zombie T-Shirts
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