Electric Dragon Plus Size T-Shirt - Sizes 7XL & 8XL 1Electric Dragon Plus Size T-Shirt - Sizes 7XL & 8XL 2

This print combines music with fantasy art in a design simply known as Electric Dragon from The Mountain T-Shirts. Over a dark green tie dye background, a dragon appears holding a pair of speakers in it's claws. We have Electric Dragon t-shirts to fit Australian plus size 7XL & 8XL or equivalent to ladies size 30-32.

Sizing Detail: The actual label size reflects the original U.S. size of the shirt. When your t-shirt arrives, the label size will vary from the size you have chosen in this product. Our size selection box gives realistic Australian equivalent size options according to our BigTees Australia size chart to make shopping easier across all of our brands.

Features of this T-Shirt

  • Pre-Washed and Pre-Shrunk
  • Printed with Water Based Inks
  • 100% Cotton T-Shirt
  • Environmentally Friendly Garment
  • Colour is Tie Dye (and May Vary From Shown)
  • Printed in the USA by The Mountain T-Shirts
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